What is Undignified Event

Taking Worship Public

The presence of God is powerful. It ignites fires in the hearts of men and women all over the world. It changes atmospheres, it changes situations and most importantly, it changes us. So how do we get the overwhelmingly beautiful and powerful presence of God here? We worship.

The Undignified Event takes worship public. Teens and young adults from all over Ohio gather in public parks and recreational locations to worship God. Their worship invites His presence and the result is that lives are changed.

It is important to note that these events are not put on by a local church or organization. This was an idea inspired by God in a 16 year old girl (now 19) and is made possible through the hard work of the Undignified Committee in hosting fundraising events and the donations of people all over the country.

The name of this praise and worship event has been selected from the verse, 2 Samuel 6:22. In this scripture and the passage surrounding, David holds nothing back in his worship and is therefore ridiculed by his wife for his actions. David’s response was to say “I will become even more undignified than this.”

As he said so eloquently- without shame and without fear of mockery, we will become even more undignified than ever before to worship our Lord!

Check out these pictures from the first ever event in 2013!

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Taking Worship Public